Apple’s essential oils are effective as an inhibitor of undesirable odours, moth repellant, appetite suppressor and memory booster.


Apple is one of my appetite suppressants; however, you must like the smell for it to be effective. They have discovered through case studies that when you smell something yummy to you, it tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten that food. Many of our customers smell the Apple 5 times right before they eat their meals in order to reduce their portions.  The best testimonial for the appetite suppressants is a gentleman who said he lost 23 pounds by smelling the Apple before every meal. You will not feel like you just ate an entire meal; however, because it takes away your hunger pangs, you aren’t as ravenous as before & tend to make better choices and/or reduce your portions. Others choose to smell it between meals when they are prone to snacking, some leave the jar open on their desk the entire day due to “grazing” and some are TV snackers so they keep the open jar next to them on the coffee table the entire time they’re watching TV.