About Oma


People ask me why I sell these products.  The answer is really very simple: friends and neighbours forced me to start buying wholesale once they found out that the product was so effective. When people came to my door asking for that magic smelly stuff, I knew I had to take the bull by the horn and start this little business venture.

It all started in Palm Springs when my husband and I visited a street market and passed a sign that said “STOP SNORING”. After suffering through three nights in a strange place, I was willing to try anything. We bought the jar of Marjoram, and that night my husband stopped snoring. We were both quite impressed. Friends talked about their husbands snoring, and we offered the old jar for a sample, then we would order some for them. Soon friends came and asked for their friends, hairdresser and so on, I started my little business.

The part that I like best. I get a chance to discuss issues with customers and find solutions for them. Since I spent years working with special needs children, I have been able to suggest Ylang for children with ADD and ADHD. My pain spray has allowed me to reduce the use of asperin, and my chamomile has reduced my use of sleeping pills. It is very rewarding to find solutions that do not invade the body the way drugs do and yet provide a level of relief on an ongoing basis.

I was also able to start to make and use aroma lockets for situations where the person wants to have the aroma during the day, but cannot sit by a jar all day long. People use it in offices, or at school with great success. This item has become very popular and I have been able to increase the options available in the lockets

Since I myself suffer from Fibromyalgia, I have had success with the Muscle pain and joint spray. for localized pain such as neck and shoulders, calves, upper arms and so on. I have received many positive responses on this product, and it makes it all worthwhile, to see people who suffer pain to find relief from my products.

So I guess that is the reason why I sell these products. It is rewarding to help people.

And Oma’s Aromas (Oma is dutch for Grandma) was a name suggested by my granddaughter, when after much deliberations the adults could not find a suitable name, she came by and said”Why not just call it Oma’s Aromas. It fit and is working great, so much better than that “Smelly Stuff”. So if you are an Oma, come by and boast about your grandchildren, because I boast all the time.